Jayden Greig

Jayden Greig is a 15 year old professional young actor who takes his work seriously yet has so much fun on set.  Here are just a few examples of what industry professionals have to say about their experiences working with Jayden.


"I first met Jayden when he auditioned for "Huntersaurus", a film I was directing.  The short film follows a little boy struggling with growing up and having to say goodbye to his older brother. Going into the auditions, I was terrified of not being able to find a strong enough lead.  The entire film is carried by the character Hunter, which posed a challenge since we were looking for an actor under the age of 10.  Jayden was the first actor to walk into the auditions, upon his first reading, my fears were lifted.  Before his audition had even finished, it was apparent that I had already found my Hunter.  When you first meet Jayden, you will quickly come to realize he actually has a passion for acting.  His love of the art is clear, and unlike many child actors, he isn't in the business simply because his parents have decided it's right for him.  Beyond his talent of being able to memorize lines seemingly overnight, he actually questions his character's motivations and emotions, something I have found to be very rare in young actors.  I have complete confidence that Jayden will be very successful in this industry.  He will go on to become a brilliant actor, it's just a question of how soon the right people get to see his talent and harness his potential."                                                                                     Taylor Bateman - Director of 'Huntersaurus'

"I have had the honour of working with Jayden Greig on two occasions already and I anticipate there will be many more opportunities to come.  Not only is Jayden an enigmatic talent on screen but he is such a pleasure to have on set.  Jayden puts everything he has into his work and has proven on many occasions his ability to deliver outstanding performances in the stressful environment of a film set.  He is smart and sensitive and is able to bring an intelligent sensibility and understanding to his characters far beyond his years.  He is focused, attentive and takes direction better than many seasoned professionals.  I've worked with many child actors but very few have the rare qualities of maturity and passion that Jayden possesses.  I'm very proud to be a part of Jayden's career to date and would highly encourage anyone else to join in and become a part of his success."                                    Stephen Dunn - Director of 'Life Doesn't Frighten Me', 'The Cat Came Back', and 'Swallowed'

"I had the pleasure of working with Jayden Greig on several occasions.  I was the on-set acting coach when he performed on "Life with Boys" and I have coached him privately for auditions.  There's no question that Jayden brings 'the cute' with him, but that should not overshadow his professionalism and incredibly polite demeanour.  He's a thoughtful young actor who had the ability to understand complicated and difficult scenes by doing his homework and asking the right questions.  He doesn't just memorize and recite lines, he builds characters.  I would warmly recommend him to agents and Casting Directors alike."                                                                                       Tyler Murree - Actor/Acting Coach                                                                                     

 "I first met Jayden as a cinematographer for a school project and he impressed the entire crew with his ability to take Directors notes impressively well.  I've since worked with him several times on films I've directed and he continues to deliver excellent performances.  He's a natural talent, and I'm lucky to have worked with him."                                                                      Amos LeBlanc - Director of 'My Toy Horse'

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jayden two years before asking him to audition for my latest short film, “Paper Hearts”. One of the reasons I was so eager to have him on set in whatever capacity possible was his charming charisma and unwavering commitment, which I witnessed on the first two films we were both a part of (“Huntersaurus” and “The Cat Came Back”).  His work ethic and ability to listen is developed far beyond his years, and his understanding of character and motivation made communicating with him an easy and pleasurable task."  Matt Landry - Director of 'Paper Hearts'

"Jayden Greig is a very professional young actor.  As soon as he walked into the audition room, I knew he was well prepared for what was expected of him.  Jayden did not only fit the part perfectly, but he took direction very well.  He has great energy on set and really focuses on his role.  Jayden performed well as an actor while bringing a warm, friendly presence to the set.  I would without a doubt cast Jayden again."                                                 Alix Pokol - Director of 'A Change'

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jayden Greig on a few independent productions ("Ten", "My Toy Horse", "Aeturnus") as both a producer and assistant director.  Working closely with Jayden allowed me to observe the professionalism and talent he possesses far beyond his years.  It is easy to forget Jayden's age when working with him on set - he is creative and full of positive energy.  When it was time for breaks back in the green room, Jayden was talkative and refreshingly bright.  He was friendly to everyone, cast and crew, and was a great relief from the many stresses of set work.  While shooting, Jayden was focused and attentive, asking questions about his role.  On one particular occasion, our Director walked into a room looking for Jayden and found him sitting by the window with the light off.  When the Director asked him what he was doing, he replied in a serious tone: "I'm getting into character."  Jayden is a delight to work with, and I will continue to have him out again and again.  He always delivers, and he grows as an actor each time I see him - he takes his work seriously.  I would highly recommend Jayden Greig."    Stephanie Korski - Producer  'Ten', 'My Toy Horse', and 'Aeturnus'

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